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Idobek's biffing mod

Guest Shiva

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Hi, just popped over from Forgotten wars, after hearing that a genius named


idobek has made a thingi that searches through biff's, overide, and creates new biffs...


i've got an 800 mb overide... so looking for a tool...


could someone point me in right direction? I've tried searching but with no luck.

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I actually made that with little understanding of how the --make-biff function of WeiDU works. Just using the --make-biff function should work fine. I suggest not biffing tis files, any files that don't have an 8.3 filename format and any file listed in LEAVE_OVERRIDE.TXT (should be in your override folder). Another good idea is to split the override files up a bit, an 800mb biff is probably over doing it. Always keep a backup of chitin.key, in case things go wrong.


I've assumed some modding knowledge in the above paragraph. If you want a more detailed how to just ask.


A general batch file that will biff the override contents is possible if there is public demand. Is there?

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Yep, there certainly interested in Biffer mod...


I usded weidu but it did not allow .oog ; .d and a few other extensions....


where is this leave in override list?


and what is 8.3 file extension list?



Spent 3 hours biffing my overide into 50 mb modules, only to have game crash... probably cause i did tis files.



Thanks for any help :cry::blush:

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8.3 refers to an old DOS file naming scheme. It means eight letters, the period, and a three letter extension.


For instance, these examples fit the 8.3 rule:






The following do not:




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I used weidu but it did not allow .oog  ;  .d  and a few other extensions....

Files with extensions like .EXE, ,.RAR, .BAT, .ZIP, .TP2, .OGG, .D, .BAF, .IAP and so on are used by programs that install mods, not by the game, so you shouldn't BIF them. In fact, they shouldn't even be in your override folder; the game ignores them anyway. If they are in there, that's most likely a sign that a mod wasn't installed properly. If you aren't sure which file extensions the game cares about, check IESDP's list under IE Fileformats > General Notes.


where is this leave in override list?

It's a .TXT file that is placed in your override folder by the Throne of Bhaal expansion. I don't think you'll find it unless you installed that.

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where is this leave in override list?

It's a .TXT file that is placed in your override folder by the Throne of Bhaal expansion. I don't think you'll find it unless you installed that.

you'll find this file in the SoS_backup_override folder in a Big Picture install. but you don't need to look there shiva, cos camdawg answered this question for you earlier this week on forgottenwars, including listing all the files in the LEAVE_OVERRIDE.TXT file.

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Idobek asked if there was much call for a biffing mod.

If it helps get rid of stutter bug, yes!


Well, here's my perspective...


1 BGii ToB

2 BP- thats Shadows of Soubar, Tortured Souls and The darkest Day

3. Check the Bodies

4... the new 2 part Never Ending Jouney

5.. mini mods...



we're looking at a 1gb ovveride eventually...


which is time consuming and very messy to do manually ... especially if one has to do reinstalls.



So, as far as I understand it, a biffing mod needs to

a)check biffed override files against biffs already in data folder

b)delete those files from override that are biffed

c)leave in the override those files that cannot be biffed, or are recomended not to be biffed

d) biff files that have the same file extension, for efficiency

e)all any one biff file to be a maximum of 50mb

f) perhaps a function where those files not used by the game are cleared out of the folder as well (i've heard this for .oog files, which i have loads of. I am uncertain of this because I am not a modder.)

g) :blush:

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I would definitely appreciate a biffing mod. My override folder is 800mb+ and I don't know if I'm ready to attempt to tackle it with NI or Weidu.




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Guest SeeFree

Do you think anyone could write just a very brief step by step guide for biffing an override folder for those of us without mod experience (ie has never used weidu or other programs). I have gleaned the general idea from this and other threads, but something that went like: 1) download weidu, etc, etc.

I think this would be very useful until, or if, Idobek makes the autobiff utility. I think it would even be pin worthy!!


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It seems the biffer might need to clean up the chitin key too....




I'm not sure if any of this helps the stutter bug... no matter who i've got in my party, how few items i have, if i've turned off all my other programs, the game still stutters....


does anybody here know why this happens?

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Stuttering is typically caused by a poorly written script (or conflicting scripts) that repeats itself. For example, if I have a block in an NPC script that changes a variable from 0 to 1, and another block that changes it from 1 to 0, you'll get stutter as the character keeps interrupting their action for the variable change. A very simple example, but that's essentially what causes it.

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