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[Mac OS X] Initialise mod component failure, v18


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Following BWP install instructions, and installing everything "manually," weidu-mac reports the following when I attempt to install the first component of this mod:


ERROR Installing [Initialise mod (all other components require this)], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   5 files for [Setup-scsii.tp2] component 1000.
Uninstalled	  5 files for [Setup-scsii.tp2] component 1000.
ERROR: Sys_error("scsii/beholder/beholder.tph: No such file or directory")


I copied the folders "beholder" and "workspace" from BiG World Fixplack v9.6.1 into /OSX-scsII-v18.rar Folder/scsii prior to running Setup-scsii.tp2 via weidu-mac.


Is it possible to acquire the needed file, or is there another way to solve this and install SCSII? I can't proceed with the installation process until this issue is resolved, and I still have more mods to install after this one to complete my multimod installation.




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Sorry, I should have included the weidu.log content. I restored a clean install, and started over, so I'll report back if the error repeats.


- E

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