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Bug Report: Instantly Regenerating Clerics

Jeff W

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I've run into two clerics who regenerate instantaneously:


The female cleric statue in watcher's keep level 1

Rengaard in the temple district sewers


In the first case, I was attacking the statue with farsight and summons(5 hasted mordenkainen swords and a projected image with sunfires). The statue continuously went from injured to uninjured almost instantaneously. I did manage to finally kill her with summon fiend(took almost the whole spell duration) after numerous tries with other summons+spells, so I thought it wasn't a bug and that she was just frighteningly durable. I had to leave WK to renew spells several times--I only mention it in case it might be part of the issue.


However, I ran into a similar problem with rengaard in the sewers. After dispatching most of his fellows, I left the sewers to rest. I came back and I cast mislead and attacked him. Despite doing >30 damage/round with meteors and spells, he would instantly go from barely injured to uninjured. Finally, I just used ctrl+y(no access to summon fiend this time) because I suspected this was the same bug I encountered before. He died. The similarities to the first case are obvious, I think.

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that sounds like the old bug/feature of regeneration stacking after reloads/area re-entry (because the itm giving regen has its timing as permanent instead of while equipped).


No, spellcaster spell regeneration isn't controlled by items in SCSII.


I've had perennial difficulties with spellcasters who regain their spells when out of sight - it's certainly not intentional behaviour. I thought I'd fixed it, but in hindsight I might have done so for mages but not for clerics. I'll have another look.

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One thing I should have mentioned is that every time they were sighted again, the watcher's keep clerics unleashed a full pre-buffing sequence. IIRC, Basillus does this even in SCS I. This may be a bug, but probably all spellcasters should do it after reasonable time intervals or else you can just wait out their short duration protections. Imo, this would be a good install option. The insane healing/regeneration with no messages is the problem.

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