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"Lead the way!" stronghold mod request


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Recently, I played through BG2 again with the multiple strongholds mod and while it's still fun running these places, I kind of got annoyed at all the walking to get there. Is it just me or does it seem like all the strongholds are just about as far as they could possibly be from the entrance point.


So, if it's even possible, I think it'd be kind of nice to have this kind of exchange with the various messengers


Messanger (I forget the kid's name): Barbarians are trashing the playhouse! Come right away!

1: Lead the way! (transition to playhouse from current location)

2: Tell Higgold that I'll be there as soon as I can.


For the Planar Sphere be nice to add an imp (or some other framiliar) to let the PC know that their apprentices have finished their assigned tasks.


For the Thieves Guild, why not have your underling come and talk to you directly (and deal with Bloodscalp's cut) instead of you having to seek him out? I know that I'm a demanding boss, but I have places to go and monsters to slay.


Alternatively, I suppose the "easier" option would be to have some kind of magical artifact (stone of recall ala the Neverwinter Nights OC?) that allows for teleporting to PC owned strongholds. The excuse could be made that it only works over moderate distances, hence it won't work when during the journey to Spellhold and such.


So what do you guys think? Is this the sort of thing anyone else would want? Also, I have 0 experence scripting so I'd definitely need some help putting it together.

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I may have the draft of a Waypoint Mod I did up, I haven't tried to implement it live, but I could dig up the code and test it.


Basically, it allows you to gain an Innate Ability (similar to the ToB Pocketplane spell) that gives you a choice to teleport to any map (you've been before). The waypoint list would naturally include all possible Strongholds, and even different points in a stronghold (for eg, Mage Stronghold has 2 points, 1 is the Apprentice Lab, the other is the entrance where you usually meet Teos)

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