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Oddities, Potential Bugs, and Other Pre-Alpha Investigations

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  • Getting the subquest from Orin started requires multiple (7, I think) conversations before he feels comfortable giving the quest. I will need to recheck if that means Aran must be in the party each time, or only on the seventh time.
  • Non-quest-giving characters all have at least 5 different random dialogs. But random numbers can roll 1,1,1,1,1...
  • Same for Aran and non-quest character interactions. They will not trigger every time. The idea was to reward making the bar a 'home' for awhile.
  • In the current alpha, Teldra has no conversation. (Becasue her quest area and relevant sub-characters are not done yet.) So Orrin points to her, Erika points to her, but she won't talk.
  • Probable bug; while each character's PID tailored responses work fine, but for both male and female players, PID triggers the first friendtalk/interest talk. Either the initial timer is still on testing (10) or something else is going on.
  • Several talks need smoothing out from the 'flippant' PC responses.
  • For some reason, both "day" and "night" city PID responses show up at the same time. Need to recheck.
  • Some PID responses have up to 5 random responses, some only have one possible. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, there isn't much to say in many places. on the other hand, if I am rewarding multiple passes at the same question in one area, but making a person read the same thing at least 4 times in another, meh.
  • PID list for female PCs is too long. 17 or so responses in some areas. I may need to sub-menu them down.

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