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Kalah's werewolf illusions do real damage


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Wasn't this supposed to be fixed? I thought I read about it somewhere but now I can't remember where. I was just testing this and the werewolves do damage with AI turned off and without my attacking them. When I kill them sure enough it says "illusion dispelled" and no xp. They aren't that hard even straight out of chateau irenicus, but Aerie tells you not to attack until you take damage and with scsII installed that advice seems to be just plain wrong. I tested this without scsII (bg2tob+patch+bg2fixpack+bg2tweaks) and the illusory werewolves do no damage when they hit as long as you don't hit them first. So this seems to be a genuine scsII bug. I get the distinct impression I am not the first person to notice this, but I haven't been able to find any thread topics on it.

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Guest Karmapowered
This happened in my game as well.


Ditto here.


I always rush through the room anyway, straight up the stairs, to nuke that lil' fella down :cool:

No real point in wasting more time inside, to be honest.

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for the record, i had this same problem but assumed it was due to my mucking about with things. when i tested, it was only the southeastern-most werewolf that was immediately "real" (weapon slot misassigned? can't remember). i just RP'd and thought how effective it would really be to have a few genuine creatures mixed in with illusory ones (something for illusion specialists).

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