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v6 changelog

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This is fairly complete, I think.





- added a bit more robustness to the animation converter

- Wylfdene's death scene is now included in his animation

- Fallen rangers and paladins no longer get abilities (incorporated from FP)

- Replaced bug-causing IETME-generated minimaps with functional DLTCEP ones (inc. from FP)

- incorporated ChangeCurrentScript fixes into ChangeCurrentScript component of main converter (component 310)

- added FP fix to make Tempus Temple door nonbypassable to component 650

- corrected errors in script voiding and incorporated additional FP script-voiding into main component 310

- added FP fixes/additions to original script converter (Protagonist, CheckPartyAverageLevel) into scripting_replacements.tpa

- scripting_replacements.tpa now fixes problems caused by duplicate spell entries in spell.ids

- corrected errors on Difficulty in scripting_replacements.tpa

- fixed typo in state_icon_map.2da that was mapping regeneration to the bardsong icon (obviates FP fixes)

- main converter no longer removes Three White Doves (obviates FP restoration of it)

- fixed two bugs in Evasion code (obviates FP fix of those bugs)

- added the areas missed by the original transition algorithim, obviating the need to do them in FP

- copied over some missing files from the original BG2 directory

- restructured CreatureHidden component to use Cam's discovery of bit 19

- restructured DV component to distinguish between secondary DVs (which are set) and tertiary DVs (which are incremented)

- DV code now checks to avoid infinite loops (like the ULIGAR loop)

- Everard no longer included on the list of hidden creatures

- Removed superfluous fix enabling the attack on Kuldahar (long since subsumed by secondary and tertiary DVs)

- Following Cam's suggestion, we now let instances of creatures in area files acquire their script names from

the ARE file rather than cloning them. Concomitant rewriting of DV code. Obviating of a couple of FP fixes.

- Added ToBEx

- Reconfigured random drops to use ToBEx rather than my previous (suboptimal) workaround, obviating a FP fix

- Fixed a couple of errors in the GUI for 800x640 resolution

- Using ToBEx, improved conversion of Cat's Grace, Strength, the Ring of Edion, Kossuth's Blood, and Kontik's Ring. (En passant, this fixes a bug with Kossuth's Blood's description which was

caught by Grogerson)

- Incorporated FP Movie description fix into main converter, en route changing string change from "intro" to "Heart of Winter intro" and wiping existing BG2 movies out of baldur.ini

- Incorporated <CHARNAME>=> <GABBER> FP fix into main converter string fix component (rationale: it needs to be run in an EasyIceTutu run, as it edits Dialog.tlk)

- Deprecated FP blocking of areas being NPC-passable (this is a tricky issue, to discuss with Cam, may need to be reverted - the problem is that creatures on a LeaveArea or EscapeArea aren't finding

anywhere to go and so wander aimlessly before vanishing)

- INCLUDEd residual fixes in FP 5.4 into core converter, unchanged except for deprecation of NPC-impassability, above

- fixed a problem with SavedLocation and the ice golems guarding Icas's lair

- clouds can no longer be Evaded (this confuses the hell out of the code)

- death fog is now included in the cloud conversion code

- fixed the conversion of opcode 259

- tweaked the conversion of AddXPVar, which was missing some cases where the string was set to zero (IWD 0 = "Beetle", so it's important not to convert this into a DisplayString)

- fixed a bug in the code that locks the trapdoors in the LM's keep

- bard songs now affect whole party

- fixed a bug in converting opcode 206 which was making Wailing Virgin spells useless

- sorted out what happens after Icas is killed (i.e., play credits if in expansion, teleport back to Kuldahar if in main game)

- rearranged the animation maps a bit so that barbarians don't lose out on their weapons and shields

- fixed a bug in the opcode converter which would have crashed Cloudburst if something else wasn't already crashing it

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