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2-Hand Weap/Mult Prot Items Issue


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I searched for a while to see if there were any similar posts, but none were found or at least had my issue.


I recently started playing BG2: ToB again (years since playing last). I installed the official patch (ToB_26498), the BG2 Fixpack, and the BG2 Tweakpack, in that order.


3 issues have been found, though I may just need a better description of how to get them to work.


The 2-Hand Bastard swords, 2-Hand Katanas, and Wear Multiple Protection Items (P&P version) do not seem to work. I've tried reinstalling the files as well, to see if it helped.


As I understand, once the items in question are equipped, I should have an option of changing them to the new things, correct? IE, my Ring of Protection +1, should be able to be right clicked, and then use the special ability to change it to the non-AC version. That goes for the bastard swords and katanas too?


I can post my WeiDU log if need be, but I had no install errors, and all say V9 after the description.


Many thanks to anyone with some more info.

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