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Yoshimo Romance released

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Why did you put 'tiefling' in the romance requirement ? just curious , but this is for BG2 right ? and unless I'm missing something you can't be a tiefling.........in BG2

Yeah, it's for BG2. The thing is that some players may want to change the race to tiefling after character creation (using SK or anything else). That's why I decided to add this as an "approved race check". You don't need to be a tiefling, obviously!


Are there any other requirements like doing Bloodscalp quest for Yoshimo for the romance to advance ? I rarely do that quest since it isn't lawful lol and I never take edwin ....


Do I have to side with Bodhie ? cose Yoshi usualy say something about that when you meet her the 1st time

No. There's just a check for race, gender and charisma. Your alliance doesn't matter.


What about getting in Spellhold , can I still take Minsc funny way to get in or do I have to let Yoshi sweet talk the pirate ? would that have any effect on the romance ?

I suppose any way would work... I myself usually just take the stone to pass the Spellhold bridge... However, I think any way will do!


How come you say there is a TOB part when he die in SoA ? I mean , does he become a ghost that follow you or something ?

No. He is out of the party, there's no new incarnation of out in-famous thief. I suppose once there was a discussion about that. Yoshimo is a different character when compared with any other BG2 BioWare companions. Making a come-back would ruin the idea. You will experience some additional encounters, you will get lot some talks with Imoen about what happened between you and Yoshimo while she was imprisoned by Irenicus. However, I suppose it would be a good idea to check that on your own :cool:


I don't get this one , what is post-Brynnlaw

Pre-Brynnlaw means everything that happens before you sail to Brynnlaw, while post-Brynnlaw means everything that happens later - until the very end of game.


I hope you will like the mod. I tried to make it as yoshimo-ish as possible.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I clicked where I shouldn't have , and now Yoshi doesn't talk to me . Is there a way to reset the romance beside loading a save game ?


I didn't save for a long time , so if I load I will have to go back away . I will do so if there is no other way , but I have to ask . Is there any way to reset the romance , some CLUA code ? pretty pleeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :cool:


It happen when I clicked on the talk the last one . I didn't think it was a 'I'm not interested' .

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You may try using CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("YoshimoRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1)

Yet I'm not sure if that will work for 100%... Let me know if it worked for you.

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Yoshimo Romance got a new forum at CoM. I already talked to theacefes about the change. The topic will be closed today probably.

Thanks for hosting until it get a full hosting, G3! :)


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Sorry for a bump - but Yoshimo Romance is still present on the minimods list, with a dead download link, which may be confusing for some players - if the mod's hosted at CoM, G3 minimods page might need editing.


Lava, btw, you probably need to edit your DL link at CoM forums, too(locked topic), since it points at forums.chosenofmystra.net , which are in "closed mode". (And all our old posts and even the thread about Kari the Kobold romance are no longer available. Grrr.)


... And, um, I still can't find a DL link for Yoshimo Romance. But I'll keep looking!

EDIT: found it! http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=145

Edited by Kulyok

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