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Adventurer gets the shaft?


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I never really took a liking to this mod as shadowdancers have glitched in the past. Nevertheless, I always wanted to play as an adventurer. I take the kit to the game and all i get is a small bonus to detect traps and locks, and saving throw bonus. I lose backstab too. Thats not the end of the world however, as backstabbing is strictly situational and rarely saves the battle. Still, no bonus to ac or anything else. The locks and disarm trap ability is almost useless as you will be getting a lot of time to put points there.


What i suggest is something that allows the adventurer to fight or stay unharmed. Your telling me that an adventurer gets no bonuses to ac or thaco and he survives as a utility thief? It just doesnt make sense.


As an "adventurer" would need to know a bit about everything, I would suggest adding a +1 to AC every 6 levels starting at lvl 2. That way, he can at least survive much more than just being a tech nut.

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AC bonuses, for a kit with no backstab, really kind of steps on the Swashbuckler's toes. What I personally added to this kit was a +1 to thac0 and damage, one time only at level 1. That, plus save bonuses, fit the feel of an adventurer to me.


Frankly, since the penalty (no backstab) creeps into Swashbuckler territory just as your proposed bonus does, what I would really like to see is, allow Adventurers to backstab, but don't allow them to set traps.

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IMO, it looks like the kit was desigined for those who want Dualled Thief /xxx. The main reason for a Thief is for the locks/traps abilities. This kit allows you to create a Thief and immediately dual him without having to worry about disarming traps for pretty much the rest of the game(as soon as you hit level 9 in your new class that is...which take no time at all.). That is the true benefit of this kit.

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