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odd weidu install error

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Extending game scripts ...
[override/m#baldur.bcs] loaded, 14460 bytes
Extended script [baldur.bcs] with [override/m#baldur.bcs]
Extending game scripts ...
ERROR: error loading [override/m#haegan.bcs]
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Amber the NPC MOD for BGII:SoA], rolling back to previous state


the relevant tp2 code is:

EXTEND_TOP ~baldur.bcs~ ~override/m#baldur.bcs~
EXTEND_TOP ~haegan.bcs~ ~override/m#haegan.bcs~


Nothing special and I can extract haegan.bcs with dltcep or weidu (229) just fine too. The prefixed version is supposed to be created, so of course it is missing. :cool:

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Delving deeper into the docs, the second param isn't the destination, but the bulk to be appended and that is indeed missing from the bundled files.


Changelog for 2.5 says:

"Moved the additions to Haegan's script to the slaver area file."


and amber/scripts/m#ar0405.baf does have it, so it looks like that line should just be removed from the setup tp2.

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