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Monty Python

Grim Squeaker

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There was one Pythonism in Fallout 2.  Eventually you can encounter the Bridge of Death from Holy Grail.  A guy stands there and asks you a question (I can't remember what it was but it wasn't about swallows), if you respond with a question, he says 'I don't know!' and then dies!  Fantastic stuff...


PS: Maybe I should put an encounter with the Black Knight into a mod down the line...

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I've spotted the occassional Monty Python reference in Baldur's Gate. Are there any in BG2?


* One of the guys in Beregost sings the lumberjack song

* Garrick uses a version of the "Brave Sir Robin" song to run away

Don't forget the were-chinchilla/nigh unstoppable menace in Throne of Bhaal.

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say, the inspiration for my


"burn the witch" skit that i wrote up in "Hello Cthulhu" was due to a soundbyte of one of the commoner's really saying


"Burn the witch!  Burn her!"


i think that that scene originally really was intended to be more of a reference to the witch scene in holy grail... :D

bri, grim...if either of you want to use my evil little burn the witch idea in the viconia rescue, please feel free...just have ajantis and the knights drop some coconut shells in the windspear hills and i'll be happy... :D  :D  :D


urm...this is an even more evil idea...the coconut shells can be equipped in the boot slot, and act like boots of speed...if one of you want to link it to some wav files sounds of two coconuts clapping together, i would be deliriously happy...


(the sound of two coconuts clapping together...is that an anti-koan, i wonder???)


oh, grim, in case you haven't read the little skit i dreamed up...




The party left the building, with the new "Purchase" hidden in Nalia's backpack. Near the district exit, they saw a mob of peasants and a priest of Bashaba talking to a Knight of the Radiant Heart.


Priest: Look ye here on this foul drow! What shall we do with her?


Mob: Burn her! Burn the witch!


Sir. Bombast: Look here, my good people, what proof do you have that she is a witch?


Peasant: Well, she turned me into a newt!


Sir. Bombast: A NEWT???!!!


Peasant: Well, I got better.


Sir. Bombast: I'm afraid I must have more evidence before I can permit this burning. Now they didn't cover this in Knightly Deeds class, so how is a witch tried? Dear, dear me. What did Sir. Keldorn say?


Priest: Well, sir knight, its very simple. Now a witch burns at the stake right? What does that tell you? What else burns?


Sir. Bombast: Well, lets see. Urm, naughty men's underwear burns. So does leather clothing and silk blindfolds. Little leather whips and riding crops burn. Oh I know! Wood burns!


Priest: Exactly!!! So this means that....


Sir. Bombast: A witch is made of wood!!! Am I right???


Priest: Yes, Sir Bombast. You have it exactly. Now what happens if you throw wood into the lake?


Sir. Bombast: Urm, it floats! So a witch must also float! To the lake, to toss in our witch!


Priest: Yes, yes, but I have a test which will save time. Now then, what also floats?


Sir. Bombast: Urm, white lacey naughty men's underwear floats, and some of the leather clothing floats, but not the nice shiny black leather whips with satin thongs, or the Ostrich leather riding crop. The silk blindfolds might float, but that is all the things I can think of that float...


Charname: A duck. (Behind her the party, except Minsc have all fallen down on the ground, unable to get up because they were giggling so hard. Charname had an impassive face, except for a suspicious twitch in her left lip.)


Priest: Correct, most beautiful maiden. Now then this means...


Sir. Bombast: If the drow weighs the same as a duck, it is a witch!!!


Priest: Precisely!!! Now here is a duck, and quite conviently we are next to some large scales. (Athlanka is the city of coin, after all.) Let us put the drow in one arm, and this duck in the other. If they weigh the same, the drow must be a witch!!! Bring out the witch!!!


To Jaheira's and Charname's surprise, the drow they bring out was Viconia.


Viconia: Shar! Save your servant from the idiotcy and congenital defectives of the surfacers!!! Let not your servant die in such an infernally STUPID fashion! Wait! I know you!!!

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"Bless this, Thy holy hand grenade, soest I might blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."


Now you've made me watch it.  :D

my eerie mindcontrolling powers work again...hahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!


seriously, grim, a fairly low powered, say about the same power as fireseeds, holy hangrenade of antioch making ability would be fun...


and having a voice snippet, of brother maynard, saying...


"Bless this, Thy holy hand grenade, soest I might blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."


would be a riot...


or just harvey saying...


"one, two, four..."  would make people crack up... :D  :D

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