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is the number of tier slots equal to the number of items?


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I'm wondering whether I hit a bug of some kind or if this is expected behaviour - running through the chateau, I noticed the helm of Balduran and the pommel gem were missing. They got randomised, but what I don't know about is whether there should be other same-tier items there in their stead.

If there are more randomisation slots I maybe just got unlucky ... What is supposed to happen?


(I chose mode 2, no loss)

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The number of locations may be greater than or equal to the number of items. To further muddy the water, a location where an item is taken from may not necessarily be eligible for a random item. In the cases of the Helm of Balduran and the pommel gem, it is as it should be; you don't find any random items inside chateau Irenicus.

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