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Combing two kits?


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Here's what i'd like to do, and i know it's a bit of cheese on my part ... I also posted this at SHS, and i know a lot visit both, but i thought i'd try both sites for ideas ...


i want to take the advantages/disadvantages of the Arcane Avenger from Revised Battles and give mix them up with the Kensai ...




Gains a +5 bonus to THAC0 and Damage vs. Mages and Sorcerers.

Gains a +5 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spells.

Ethereal Vision, once per day for every 10 levels. All invisible creatures are made visible every six seconds, for a duration of 60 seconds.

Shimmering Force, once per day for every 10 levels. All offensive spells cast at the Arcane Avenger in the next 30 seconds will automatically be deflected.

9th level: Immunity to all Hold, Charm and Confusion spells.

15th level: The Arcane Avenger gains 4% magic resistance per level (i.e. 60% at 15th level).

17th level: Temporal Stasis, once per day. The Arcane Avenger is immune to Time Stop for the duration (30 seconds).



May only obtain grand mastery in ordinary mage weapon types.

Can only dual-class to a Mage (requires 18 Intelligence).

Must be of a Neutral alignment.

Only Humans, Elves and Gnomes may become Arcane Avengers.



+1 hit, plus +1 damage every 3 levels

+1 AC every 5 levels

all the standard disadvantages of the kensai (no armor, etc)


i could give myself the arcane kit and just edit the ac every five levels but i can't figure out the hit/damage part of it ... any suggestions?

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