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Mage level scaling and scs.ini

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Just wondering, since scs.ini already contains some stuff for handling mage levels, could we get an option which would retain the mage levels from the original game and adjust their spell selection accordingly? Basically, the reverse of what SCSII is doing right now.


I'm asking for this because I get the impression that on rare occasions, SCSII goes overboard with beefing up enemy mages. For instance, Layene, the keeper of the Staff of the Magi is a level 18 mage in the original game. With SCSII, she becomes level 25. Similarly, the Elemental Lich gets bumped up from level 20 to level 30. That's a fairly big difference. Therefore, I'd prefer if SCSII kept these guys at their original levels while still optimizing their spell selection and their AI. They'd still be formidable opponents and, for me, it would feel more realistic this way. Any thoughts?

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