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About the "Add extra spell scrolls for hard-to-find spells" component

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I tried this new component for the first time. I have started the game already, and I had to remove a broken component from another mod (mine :cool:) that was installed before SCS II, so all SCS II components got reinstalled in the process.


I noticed that the scrolls added to Ribald and the woman in the back were not the same that before the reinstallation. So I suppose this component adds the scrolls in a randomized way at install time (or runtime).


So, two things :

- It should be said in the readme that the scrolls are randomized, either at install time or runtime (but I believe this is at install time)

- Maybe in the spoilers part of the readme, the merchants who are receiving the new scrolls ?

- What happens if the component is reinstalled mid-game ? Will I have some scrolls duplicated, and others missing because they are added to a shop in an already visited areas ?

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