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[Mac OS X] Amber leaves party immediately after joining


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In a multimod installation that follows the BWP install order, I'm running a single-player test game with a male Elf Bladesinger (F/M) as the PC. Currently in the party are Saerileth, Kivan, Viconia, Alora, and Nalia (with Viconia Friendship and De'Anise Romance installed). I got the forms from the Council of Six building and delivered them to Max in the prison. He released Amber, who spoke with and joined the party, replacing Alora. Max gave me a bundle of Amber's stuff; she mentioned she needed to find her belongings, and I told her I had them for her. After she took the bundle, she asked what I wanted, so I responded that I was just being friendly. She said she might have misjudged me, and it appeared that she was content to be in the party.


Suddenly, Amber said that she'd had enough of this stupidity, and left the party! Alora then approached and asked if I was really kicking her out, of if she should stay in the party. I told her to wait at the Copper Coronet. At this point, we're all still in the prison, and Amber's circle is blue.


If I press ctrl-Q to add her to the party, she joins, then she leaves immediately again. Why won't she stay in the party?


I have the game saved before approaching Max to release Amber, and another save after the events as I described them above.


Where should I look to find the problem and fix it? I've had Amber installed before, in previous installations, and the mod functioned as it should, so this is another new one on me. If I should post any game files in this thread, I'll do so.


Please advise!



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