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OpCode 267; does it work?


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So what I'd really like to do is stop a certain StringRef from appearing. In this case, it's StringRef 8856 - Your wizard spells have been disabled.


The problem is that OpCode 267 doesn't seem to want to do what it advertises. According to IESDP...

#267 (0x10B) Text: Protection from Display Specific String [267]

Parameter #1: String Reference

Parameter #2: Irrelevant


Prevents the strref specified by the 'String Reference' field being displayed by the targeted creature(s).


Nothing I seem to do prevents this StringRef from showing up when I equip an item like say, Plate Armor, which has the opcode 145 Disable spellcasting effect.


My second question is that I've noticed there are several things within the game that don't let you directly alter the stringref they pull from. OpCode 145 is an example - it triggers stringref 8856, but you can't alter the stringref it pulls from in it's effect block. The same goes for Edwin's amulet and Alora's Lucky Rabbit's Foot. When you try to select them in the character's inventory, they trigger a specific stringref (basically yelling at you to keep your grubby mitts off). I can't figure out how these function for the life of me. I know they're pulling from stringrefs, but I don't know where the resource is.


Help! :|


Edit: Shucks, searching around the site I found that there was already a post by Miss Sakaki asking pretty much the same thing about certain items and the stringrefs that accompany them, and the general consensus is that they were hardcoded. I'm assuming the same goes for Disable spellcasting in that the resource it pulls from can't be altered.

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