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Q: ToB exe (v26498) + foreign versions


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Lo folks,

One of my many projects is research into the BG2 .exe*. I'm concentrating on the 26498 version of the .exe (the latest ToB patch, excluding the crappy 26499 version). My question is this:


Do all versions (English, American, European, Martian etc) of BG2 use an identical .exe file?


I believe they do - I tried installing the foreign version 26498 patch, and the resulting bgmain.exe file was always the same, but... confirmation by other people is always good :blush: I remember something about the Czech version of the IWD .exe having some sections encrypted differently.. does this apply to BG2 at all?

IIRC, the MD5 of the UK 26498 bgmain.exe is b519702eec18da69c846c3bdbebac438, if anyone has the MD5's of the other language versions, I'd be grateful.


* = No, it *wont* enable more people in the party. No, it *wont* add more animation slots. No, it *wont* do <insert any request, at all, ever). It's just research.

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