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Flirts! For those precious little moments...

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Alright, long suffering fans. Progress has picked up, and among the issues being tackled are the ever important flirts. Plans are for both girls to flirt and be flirted with, though beware... it may not always be you and the object of your attentions fawning over each other. They are sisters, after all, and given to bouts of jealousy - or bouts of poking fun at your attempts to woo. ;)


This is - you guessed it - your generic suggestion thread for flirting with both Keli and Inara. What do you want, how do you want it, who do you want it with, and so on. :blush: Do keep it audience-friendly for the forum. From time to time we may post teaser bits for you, but mostly this is for you to voice your own ideas, if you like.


Without further ado, have at it!


(And be on the lookout...sample dialogues coming soon!) :cry:

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Hmm what can I say.. Fiorst things first, I'm SOOOOOO damn happy that finally things are starting to move again :blush:


As for suggestions... hmm.. I'll think on it. for now let's just say that I would like, during the flirts, seeing Inara throwing in references to her planar experiences, just to confuse you. I somehow see her enjoying your eventual confusion a LOT :cry:


I'll be sure to think more on the issue and gibve more suggestions ;)

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Somehow I knew you would say that. :rolleyes:


All in good time, matey.


@Keltosh Thanks for the kind words. =)

It's still a really good flirt :D .


For Keli, how about counting all the spots on her body?


Here's a few suggestions (although they may have to be saved until Inara really likes you):


*<CHARNAME> runs his fingers through Inara's hair, slowly continuing down her neck. He then branches out and begins to massage her tired shoulders.*


*<CHARNAME> "accidently" brushes up against Inara.*


*<CHARNAME> makes an offer to polish Inara's leather.*


*Squeeze her behind* (Yes, I know you'd be knocked off for this one)


Depending on how risque you wanted to get, I do have some more good ones, but they're not really appropriate for public posting. Send me a PM if you're interested.


I also think that the player should be able to initiate his own talks with the girls (like Kitanya does). After all, how many romances are purely physical?

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Lovely suggestions, Rastor, thank ye. Certainly, Inara's not shy, so your other ideas may have a place.


For Inara, I also have thought about PC-initiated talks. I've got something in mind along those lines. The Readme shall tell all(or some...perhaps just hints) in good time.

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There should be moments of cattiness from the other sister when the PC flirts with one, most definetly :D Initially more so if the character begins a romance with one, eventually softening into acceptance and being "happy for her". But to give it depth, make their reactions different. One feels hurt and lonely, the other snappy and vindictive, for example? And I suspect I know how most people would expect each sister to reach between those two choices (Keli being the hurt/lonely one), but you could always throw everyone for a loop and flip those two reactions around while otherwise keeping the personalities consistent :D I actually think that's more realistic. Strong emotional reactions can cause people to act -out- of character, to stay too much in character can indicate that it doesn't matter that much to them. Inara becoming shy and introverted due to feeling rejected, and no, she never -does- eventually "explode", she eventually quietly confesses at some point though. And maybe the normally sweet and quiet Keli gets -really- jealous and catty if the PC goes too far with Inara, not knowing how to deal with her feelings at all... see where I'm going? :thumbsup:



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One caveat though - at least -initially-, Inara must definetly make with the stinging catty comments when the PC flirts with Keli. That -must- happen at some point, it would be a total letdown if we didn't get to see her sense of humor expressed somehow in that respect. Hey, maybe those kind of remarks could come -after- her "quiet confession", -after- it's all been worked out, and all three parties have learned to deal with the situation. It could becomes a regular part of their banter, for fun, rather than for jealousy's sake :thumbsup:



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Hmmm, come to think of it, what I'm describing is starting to remind me of Aerie/Jaheira, heh. Aerie does seem to be the cattier of the two up until the point where you have to make "the choice". Guess I'm not as original as I thought :thumbsup:


Still, with the Sisters, I'd like to see more post-choice followup. When you reject Jaheira, she slips way too easily into "just friends" mode, in fact losing all interest instantly, which I found both unrealistic and unsatisfying. I haven't done the Jaheira romance, but I'm guessing Aerie just "goes away" in the same way. That may be easy for those two to do, but as sisters Keli and Inara would know that if the PC stays with one, then the PC will forever remain a part of both their lives, and that's got to get resolved too, beyond the initial "choice".


Then again, I'm not even certain if you guys are planning for romances in the initial release beyond mere flirting (I vote yes!), so I may be getting way ahead of things. I'll be quiet now.



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Flirts are those little personal moments between the PC and the love interest of choice. What you're describing delves more into the love talks, and, yes, there will be times when the sisters make comments. What sister wouldn't? :thumbsup:

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No worries, we certainly plan to have some go-between with the sis's. Inara will definely be hanging around should you choose Keli, and make her opinion of you known. :D And both will have their moments at each other, but Inara is going to be difficult to get her to show anything like jealousy, especially early on. Meh. You'll just have to wait and see. :thumbsup:

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