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Containers (bags) - how do they work?


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So I was in the process of creating items, and I don't know how, but somehow I broke BAG04.ITM - it won't accept any items. However, it seems to be the only Bag of Holding that seems effected by this. Comparing BAG04.ITM and BAG19.ITM (both of which are Bags of Holding) in Near Infinity, both seem to be completely identical. What is also strange is that I don't recall making any sort of changes to the item itself, but if I did, I can't seem to determine what they were when viewing the item in Near Infinity. What could have caused this?


The other question I had is related to this in a way - what value determines the properties of a bag? For example, why can a Bag of Holding take any item, and a Gem Bag can only take gems? Or what their capacity is? Or what items they start with inside of them? Are they determined by flags, or some other value that is normally not visible through Near Infinity? I can't seem to figure out how these work.

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