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Bugs and typos for v13

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Couldn't find a bug thread, so I started one, so that this doesn't get lost. Just saw this report by Jab in Angelo forum: one of Xan-Angelo banters repeats itself. The problem is in this line in the second banter:


Global("G#XB.AngeloXanBanter1","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN BADANGEL AngeloXanBanter#2.1


- it should be Global("G#XB.AngeloXanBanter2","GLOBAL",1)


The first and the third banters are fine.( I checked this on v13 - the latest version on-site).

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Thanks for the report.


K'aeloree volunteered for this version-up, but he's been crazy busy. Well, everybody is, I guess, but it's been on deck since March. I will see if I can free up some time this weekend.

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I did not forget about this. My computer has contracted a trojan, so it is probably unwise for me to package anything right now. Removal has been scheduled.

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