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Aklon and Aerie


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on the main page, it says that Aklon will romance Aerie if neither of the pc romances are in progress. What if one of the romances is broken for whatever reason. will aklon proceed to romance then, or will the oppertunity never arise if the pc is romancing one when the other is is the party.

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The way it'll work is that Aerie and Aklon will romance each other if the PC kills their romance with either Aerie or Aklon at an early enough stage. Aklon's will be "killable" a fair way in, but judging from Aerie's dialogues she'll have to be put off the PC fairly early in the piece.


If you choose to go too far (or all the way) with either Aerie or Aklon's romances, then neither will be in the right frame of mind to romance each other and they're definately not going to try to steal each other from you. :rolleyes:

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Sorry for the gap in replying.


The way I've got Aklon and Aerie's romance envisaged, Aerie won't start anything while Aklon's gravitating towards CHARNAME


And there may be a conflict between Haer'Dalis and Aklon for Aerie, but Aklon's not going to try muscling in on CHARNAME. :rolleyes:

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Will PC be able to bicker with Aerie for Aklon? That could be kinda fun. I've never encountered it before in an NPC mod - probably because most authors don't want the NPC to come off as petty. I'm all for pettiness; flaws make a character more real.

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I'm still considering how I'm going to flesh out the Aklon/Aerie romance. But while Aklon won't try to muscle in on a preexisting CHARNAME/Aerie romance, it could be possible that the speed things go at results in Aklon feeling he has "equal claim" to Aerie. I won't give you a definate yes or no on this yet, but if it makes sense that is should happen, I'll try and include something like it.

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Imo, that should be an option, and the outcome of such a thing should also be random. Sometimes he'd chose Aerie, sometimes - PC, or it will depend on what the ladies said or done. This way it's much more interesting... :p

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I wouldn't mind sharing the guy with Aerie instead of competing with her, actually. You remember your Dyna-Bran banter? *snicker*


Dynaheir: By the Three! Branwen, I was just counting how many times <CHARNAME> smiled at either of us.

Branwen: Who won?

Dynaheir: *with exasperation* 'Tis not the point.

Branwen: 'Twas me today, then. Yesterday 'twas you... Should we share? In some tribes, I heard 'tis done.

Dynaheir: *faintly* Share? Art we Thayvians to submit ourselves willingly to the role of concubines?

Branwen: The coin, then?

Dynaheir: 'Tis below any woman to let a coin decide such a thing!

Branwen: O, go ahead, put ye nose up in the air! I hope you put it up so high that you faint. Or break your neck.


I must have something of Branwen's nature deep within me... :p

But the coin sounds interesting, though it is not an option for me, I fear.

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