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Installation Quirk

Guest Pysces

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Guest Pysces

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.


I'm getting a installation quirk with Sword Coast Stratagems II that has me paranoid about starting a new game for fear of something going wrong and having to restart.


I'm installing the following mods in this order:





Spell Revisions

BG1 Unfinished Business

BG2 Unfinished Business

BG Quest Extender

Weimer Item Upgrade



1PP Avatars

1PP Dwarves

1pp Thieves Galore

Rogue Rebalancing

Sword Coast Stratagems

Sword Coast Stratagems II

BG2 Tweak Pack


The problem occurs during 2 parts of the AI enhancements mod, namely with the Mage & Priest "Pre Casting" options.


When installing these sections only, after choosing either option 1 or 2, the file modifications proceed, but it gets stuck at a loop ending with a file called close.ssl (I think, it's hard to see). I can skip both of them, and install everything else okay, but go back and reinstall them, and same bug. I've done 1 full reinstall of everything to see if that made a difference, but nope, same error.


At some point, it will work its way past it, but at the end of the install, I get the "install complete but with some warnings - Mage/Priest Pre Cast".


Does anyone know what is causing this? If I need to provide more info, I can.

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