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Question concerning Irenicus battle in Spellhold

Guest dewitt

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Guest dewitt

First I have to say: Awesome mod! Thank you DavidW. It makes the game even better without changing the basic mood of it (that is why I generelly don't like most mods).


I'm playing through SCSII the 2nd time right now, the first time I directly went to Spellhold with a weak party. While the underdark (especially the Beholder Lair and the escape from Ust Natha) was hard for my party to master, improved Irenicus in Spellhold was rather easy. I ignored the Clones, debuffed Irenicus and killed him quite fast with my fighters. On the second playthrough I did almost every quest before going to Spellhold. Since my party was much stronger now I expected improved Irenicus to be a even more of a cakewalk, but it actually was much much harder. In particular the clones made me mad (and made me reloading my game for about 10 times).


So my question is: do the clones scale? Do they have the same spells memorized as your own party does? I remember Cernd casting Insect Plagues on my party, while Anomen casted Greater Commands.

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