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[For Repair v20] Amelia's transformation


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I just noticed that Amelia, the succubus in Coran's quest, shapeshifts into a Fire Elemental when she goes hostile. Is there any particular reason for this? I was thinking of making her into a proper succubus via aTweaks' PnP Fiends (in terms of AI scripting and abilities) but the Fire Elemental transformation puzzles me. As far as I can tell, she retains her default Succubus scripting (DEMSUC01.BCS) throughout the transformation, so I was wondering whether it was required for a certain condition or was it just meant to be a cosmetic change?



In other news, the Imp created for Dynaheir's quest (during her abduction by Winski) has the same script assigned to its default and override slot. This may potentially cause some issues. If the intention was to disable the Imp's override script, you should probably use something like this instead:


  COPY_EXISTING ~IMP01.cre~ ~override/x#dyqimp.cre~
SAY NAME1 @288
SAY NAME2 @288
WRITE_LONG 0x14 ~2000~ // XP Value
WRITE_SHORT 0x24 ~25~ // Current HP (usually 18)
WRITE_SHORT 0x26 ~25~ // Maximum HP (usually 18)
WRITE_ASCII 0x268 ~X#IMPSPL~ #8 // Default Script
WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~None~ #8 //  override script no combat scripting assigned in bcs, so should not respond
WRITE_ASCII 0x280 ~ichthraa~ #32 //  death variable

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Logging the succubus for further investigation (though I suspect it is a bug; she is not supposed to shift animation, as far as I can tell).


Thanks for looking into this. To clarify, I was referring to the several blocks from x#cosqu.d which contain the Polymorph(ELEMENTAL_FIRE) action i.e.:


IF ~~ AMRE1.3
SAY @152
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#CoranSuccubus","GLOBAL",13) Polymorph(ELEMENTAL_FIRE) Enemy() AddexperienceParty(5000)~ EXIT

IF ~~ AMRE1.5
SAY @154
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#CoranSuccubus","GLOBAL",13) Polymorph(ELEMENTAL_FIRE) Enemy() AddexperienceParty(5000)~ EXIT

IF ~~ AMRE1.7
SAY @156
IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#CoranSuccubus","GLOBAL",13) Polymorph(ELEMENTAL_FIRE) Enemy() AddexperienceParty(5000)~ EXIT

IF ~~ AMRE2.3
SAY @124
IF ~~ THEN DO ~TakePartyItem("X#CODYE1") TakePartyItem("X#CODYE2") SetGlobal("X#CoranSuccubus","GLOBAL",17) Polymorph(ELEMENTAL_FIRE) Enemy() ActionOverride("coran",Enemy()) ActionOverride("natan",Enemy()) AddexperienceParty(5000)~ EXIT



At the moment, I handle this locally within aTweaks as follows:




For reference, Succubi use the Sirine animation in unmodded BG1 and BG2. In any case, it's not a big deal, just a minor oddity that I came across while expanding aTweaks' PnP Fiends to include mod added creatures.

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I am searching all the past workroom threads to see why this choice was made, who made it, and why it was important at the time.


My instinct is to fix it, but I want to make sure it was really purposeful. If it was a script error or something that accidentally got added somewhere along the line, I can fix it; if there was an author choice made, then I will be using the fix from aTweaks myself on my own game, but can't change the project master files :cool:


Thanks for the reports, and code. You make it really easy to track down and repair stuff!

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