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[BG2:ToB] Opcode #300 - NPC Bump


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For some reason, opcode #300 is still listed as unknown in the IESDP. Let's remedy that:


#300 (0x12C) Spell Effect: NPCBump [300]


Parameter #1: Irrelevant

Parameter #2: Constant Value



The affected creature can push other creatures out of its way while moving.

The Constant Value parameter should be set to 1.

The effect modifies stat #190 to param2.



For a more in-depth explanation, check devSin's post here. In the unmodded game, this is mainly used by large creatures like dragons and such. Abazigal definitively has it. Mod wise, aTweaks uses it for some of the larger demons in its PnP Fiends component.

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