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I need some kits


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Im willing to make a small donation to your paypal account if you can make me some custom kits, I tried everything but I just dont understand and cant get it right and I keep messing up my game. I have Big World Project and would like these kits added to npcs that will transfer from BG to BGII for example Minsc, Viconia etc.... I would like for the main char an Inquisitor that can do grandmastery in twohanded swords and maybe all swords. For the party I would like a cleric than can grandmaster blunt weapons and of course 2 stars in sword and shield, an archer that can shapeshift into a werewolf and later a greater werewolf just once a day. I would like a mage that can grandmaster with staff and 2 stars in 2handedweapons and lastly a thief that can master swords, daggers and shortbows. If anyone is up for it let me know pls, you can email me at landp1@cox.net.

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