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Need some tips

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I played BG2 vanilla once before but didn't finish ToB as my PC died. The game was reasonably challenging the 1st time, as I would often would have to look at spoilers to figure out what the AI was doing; The game is rather sparse at giving out info as to what is happening aside from the brief ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. Random encounters were pretty easy and mages, while a pain in the arse, were overcome using Breach or Keldorn's dispel. I tend to play turn-based games (Civilization type game, chess, etc.), but played World of Warcraft (including a lot of PvP) and was pretty good for a older player. At present I have defeated the slavers, picked up Lilicor and the Sword of Chaos. I like a tactical challenge instead of hack and slash, but I always seem to be fighting the game more than playing it, especially when it comes to the spellcasting.


1. For example, I have my mage cast a spell, then cast another and then focus on some other troops. Then I notice the 2nd spell was not cast; Meanwhile the AI mage has flawlessly cast 5 spells in a row.


2. Is there any way to receive notice that one of my guys is held, charmed, etc.? Half the time I busy trying to get my friggin spells off or checking what the enemy is doing and fail to notice what has happened.


3. In BG2 potions dropped like manna from heaven. Now I rely excessively relying heavily on healing potions and I added the mod component that reduces the drops by breakage. I noticed that one encounter that I reloaded ended up dropping 4 27 hp healing potions, while the previous combat which took longer did not drop any of the 27 hp ones. Has the mod altered the dynamic of the game into a "rich get richer" world, where the more efficient player get more potions because they kill faster, while less efficient end up using their own potions?


4. What's with the AI thieves going invis, attacking and then invising again? I only have 2 or 4 invis potions myself? (Just a rant, feel free to ignore)


My party just got waylaid on the way to visit Nalia and D'Arnise Keep by 4 or 5 slavers and 10 Orc like creatures. While some of the battles were tough, this new one is ridiculous and it's not a dungeon. I can't seem to get past this group. I want to try out the dungeon to see how difficult things are before I decide whether to uninstall the mod and alter a few things, but I can't even get there.

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1. Your mage is either taking damage or is getting moved (either by you or his script), both of which will cancel his current spell casting.


2. Spacebar is your friend. You can also set Options/AutoPause to pause at the end of each round. Go back and read the combat text; it will show what the spell is when it is cast, who it's cast at, and whether the spell is successful. Also, most spells have distinct casting sounds and visuals. Finally, icons pop onto your characters' portraits as soon as they are affected by a spell.


3. Yes. Longer combat means the enemy is probably using the potions instead of dying before they get the chance to.


4. I think all thieves get at least one Invis potion and an additional 1 to 2 based on level (lvl 1-7 =1, 8-12 =2, 13+ =3; something like that). Their script optimizes the use of those potions but doesn't cheat.

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Thanks for the advice. The autopause at the end of each round should give me a better feel for what is going on.


Any idea about the 4-5 slavers and accompanying 10 Orogs on the way to D'Arnise Keep? Do I need to level more prior to facing them? (I think all my party has picked up at least 1 level, and my PC has picked up 2).

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Cast greater malison and then emotion(level 4 spells) on the slavers and they will nearly all be asleep. If you don't have emotion try another area effect disabling spell such as chaos/confusion or horror. I would give them same advice as the above poster - pause more and spend more time thinking/checking the combat log in fights.

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