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[bg2+ToB] question on weapon proficiency and attacks per round in the light of Baldurash "true grand mastery mod"

Guest Cremo

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Guest Cremo

Hi all, I've been messing around with the weapon proficiency system of ToB since i would like to alter it in various ways. Trough the IESDP I've discovered that the relevant 2da table is "wspecial.2da", which I've managed to edit with DLTCEP, succesfully being able to alter Thac0, damge and weapon speed bonus of proficiency from * up to *****


YET, i'haven't been able to:

- affect the "unproficient" level in any way: even if in wspedial.2da there's a "0" line (which, at first, i guessed refered to not having any proficiency at all with the weapon, even if the lack of a thac0 malus puzzled me), altering, for example, the Thac0 table with a 10 bonus didn't affect the game: a char wielding a weapon he is unproficient with gets a -2 malus to thac0 no matterthe way I edit the wspecial.2da file. Is this hardcoded?


- alter the attacks per level related to proficiency level. According to vanilla BG2 at "unproficient" a char is stuck with 1 APR even if he is a lvl 13 warrior. With a * warriors get 1/2 extra base attack at lvl 7 and 13. At level ** ANY char gets an extra 1/2 attack over is base APR. and that's it.

I was beginning to think thiswas hardcoded since I didn't find a way to alter it, HOWEVER, since baldurash "true grand mastery mod" gives you an extra 1/2 attack at ***** level, there MUST be a way to mess with this value.

I've tried to understand how this mod works but, sady, failed to find any useful documentation (while the mod is contained into bigger modpacks which, uncompressed, alter a lot of files making me unable to know which files are edited by this specific add-on).



One last thing (which, i guess, is instead related to WSPATTACK.2da) i would also like to know is if it was possible to give to a non warrior class the 1/2 extra attack warriors get at lvl 7 and 13 (maybe making a warrior kit with the interface of a thief or another class?).


Thanks much for the attention :laugh:

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