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I googled Golden Axe (and the old one on Genesis is the only one I ever played) , and I saw alot of portraits (the same used for the mod ) . My question is : How come none of the portraits she has long hairrrrrrrrr ? I remember the old Golden Axe and my favorite charachter (the girl) had long black hairrrrrr.........


Mind you , the portraits included in the download are gooooooorgeous . But I wish there was one with long hair (I don't care about the color) .


Hum , as for a request well I have one :D


Didn't see this one nowhere and it's a long shot , but can you make the romance open for female too ?


I'm a female and it is tiresome that I have to play a dude to have a decent romanceee.......


So....thanx for the mod ! can't wait for ToB part ! :D All the best with your work :)

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Yeah , I know and I already played both of them . But I was looking for a Lesbian relationship and as far as I know , there is only Chloé or Sarah for female/female relationship . And in my opinion , only Sarah romance was good (short but sweet) . So that's why I was asking.......

Though making Tyric open to female , that would make her a bisexual..which I don't mind lol

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Okey doke, here goes...


I never intended her to be bisexual. No real reason, I just never considered it. I'm afraid I won't be changing the mod to make her that way, mostly because I'd have to tweak many of the more anatomical flirts and lots and lots of references scattered throughout the mod.


However, if you want to romance her as a female character all you need to do is at the start of your game SetGlobal("G#TF.TyrisMatch","GLOBAL",1). You can do this using the cheat console or by tinkering your game with ShadowKeeper. Obviously there will be bits that don't make sense but you'll get to play the romance.

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