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Hum , so your mod didn't add them ? maybe they were always there . Sorry , but I always play good so I always side with Maever (or watever is his name) . Hey if this is your mod , then how come we dont get to fight alot of those shadow red hat guys ? I wish you added those......I always though they looked dangerous and strong . And since I side with the thief , I never had the chance or opportunity to fight them .

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"Shadow red hat guys"? Not sure I know what you mean. Do you mean Shadow Thieves that use Renal Bloodscalp's crouching thief animation?


Alternatives was never really intended to offer tons of new, exciting quests with new enemies to fight, etc. It was always just a chance to give the PC some choices he didn't have in the unmodified game. So, when you go in to fight the STs, it's the same fight Bodhi would have made you do.

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