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Kivan of Shilmista - feedback

Guest Kai of Candlekeep

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welp, I was pretty excited to see this mod, Kivan was one of my favorites in BG1 and I'm stoked to see more development of his character. I like what I have seen so far. Really the only reason I am posting is I believe I read that more content/development depended on interest and so I want to express my 'interest' :rolleyes: I think the story development is good and although the mod is good as is, I think it would be great with further development. :D

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Well, I know it was a cheap trick :rolleyes: but it is incredibly flattering and encouraging to see that people take interest in the project and are pleased with it.


I will definetly post the updates regulary once I return to working on this one (the way my schedule is set now, it will be January-February). I finally got off my high horse about area creation, and started looking into a more realistic area editing and re-adaptation approach. I also think that by moving Shilmista Quest into ToB portion I could manage the writing of banters for the new chars. :D But I will delay any sorts of announcements or forecasts until such time as I am confident in my currently non-existant area creating skills.

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I just downloaded this mod a short time ago, and after playing quite a few hours I have some questions. I did search this forum but still need to bother you, sorry.


Apparently, or so I have read in this forum, it is not until Spellhold that "warmer-than-friendship talks", as you put it, can arise between Kivan and my PC-character. This sounds to me as if there were "only-friendship talks" before that.

But so far there has been no interaction between us at all. Not a single comment, nothing. Is that normal?


Also, I understand that Kivan is supposed to banter with the other NPCs. But again, while playing quite some time, there was only once a very short dialogue with one of them.


I experimented a bit by deliberately passing time (i.g. making them sleep more often than necessary, or [cntrol+t]) and roaming the map but that´s no use either.


I remember when playing the BG (1 or 2) a few years ago for the first time, I read in a forum that the more the player uses the quick-saving the less banter/interaction will occur. Cheating would have the same effect, as a kind of "punishment". I have no idea if this could be even possible but then I did seem to have that problem.


So, lies the problem herein? (I have played BG2 often enough to know the quests so I speed up the game up a bit by giving the best weapons/armor to my group).


It doesn´t have anything to do with the PC-character´s race or alignment (mine is a female human fighter, true neutral), does it?


I would be really thankful if you could help me!

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Yes, Kivan should banter with PC at regular intervals; I think he is scripted to initiate them every hour of your playing time (not game time) or so. Only your Reputation affects Kivan talks (should be above 12) for him to initiate some talks. Try using Ctrl+I to advance banters - Kivan is now weighted in such a way that his banters will probably will come after all others are done, so Ctrl+ I and see if you get anything out of him. Also, whom do you have in your party? The exact amount of banter with every other character is listed here:



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Thanks for the quick reply!

Indeed, it was my reputation that was still too low. Ctrl+I was also a good idea.

But now I´ve got the same problem. In Spellhold it was revealed to Kivan that Deheriana is permanently dead (->this should "open a door to a warmer-than-friendship talks with PC.").

Now I´m in the Drow City, but Kivan remained silent since Spellhold, no matter how often I tried Ctrl+I. What am I doing wrong?

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It maybe that he does not speak to you in Ust-Natha. I think his talks are waiting to happen in the OUTDOOR/NIGHT time. Once you out of Ust-Natha, try to sleep your party in Umar or similar woody area in the night, and see if any talk occur. If not, we can check GLOBALs :)

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No, still no words from him, even in the outdoor/night time. He does´t seem to like me, despite my efforts to befriend him :) And I was so looking forward to it.


But since reaching the surface, strange things happen (bugs?): When moving, Kivan lags far behind, although I always have the whole group selected. I can only move him when clicking on him directly, and even then he doesn´t walk where I click my cursor but only a few steps forward. Thus, it takes really a long time for him to reach the rest of the party.


The other funny thing is that I can´t put my group to rest outdoors anymore (or at least very seldom), though there is no cause for that, no line at the bottom like "You can´t rest at this time" etc.

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The behavoir you have noticed corresponds to him trying to initiate a talk and not being able to... so it is a bug. I think I know what's the trouble is...


Could you give me the values of the following two variables:




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:) Values? Variables? I am glad when I manage to install games (or mods)...


In the G3 Folder I found a file "baf", the only place where I spied <"P#KivanLoveTalk","GLOBAL">.


In the file P#KIV01.baf there were all in all:








and in the file P#KIVD.baf:







<"KivanLoveTalk","GlLOBAL"> I couldn´t find anywhere.

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Domi was referring to the ingame values of the variables. To get them you need to activate the game's built-in cheating functions. For an account of how to activate them and some of what they do, look here.



Once you have initialized the cheats and can use the cheat window, just type




and then ENTER. Then type




Each should give you a value <1 which is what Domi needs to get you further along.

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Oh, alright. Thank you.


When typing CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("P#KivanLoveTalk","GLOBAL") I get Global: P#KivanLoveTalk GLOBAL set to 1.


In the other case it is

Global: KivanLoveTalkDoes not exist.


I think I see the problem. But I have no idea how to correct this.

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KivanLoveTalk was old variable, so it is good that it does not show up. Guest, will you be able to do the following:


- reset P#KivanLoveTalk to 2 and try to force talk the talk out of him (click-and-talk); see if it stops the stutter:




- send me your saved game; I'd like to see if it is some other talk that is glitching.


Thank you

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Resetting to 2 didn´t help. Click-and-talk just opens the same/short question and answer, no real dialogue.

About sending you my saved game, what´s your email-adress?

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