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Thanks for the interest in Aklon. Beta testing should start sometime early next year and I'll give a shout on the forums when I'm ready to start. Keep an eye out for it. :p



And ten days is near to two weeks, so some progress. We're two more flirts down, so that leaves us with five to go, including the one I'm currently writing, which was the very first flirt I put on my list "Tag, you're it!"

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Okay, there's been a bit of a delay since the last progress report, mostly because real life work has kept me from doing much in the way of writing over the last month and a half.


That said, I've got two more flirts done in that time, as well as finishing off the "Tag, You're it" flirt. Just two more flirts to go now, before getting onto the Underdark versions.

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Guest Noctalys

*sob* I await the Aklon beta testing with bated breath, but I fear that if I wait much longer my head shall explode like an overripe pomengranate left out in the sun for days on end and poked by an irate youngster named Timothy McBann.


Been nosing around in these forums and all I have to say is: Good work man! I salute you heartily! Huzzah for you! :D *Begins to hire a trove of cheerleaders but then realizes that these ladies will distract more than motivate our beloved modder*

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Aw, I almost had cheerleaders. :D Thanks for the kind words, I'll try to keep things somewhere close to expectations. Unfortunately you're going to have to keep your head strapped up tightly, becuase there's still a little ways to go.


Real life has still been eating up my time and it's only going to get more hectic over the next couple of weeks, but things should get better after that. In the last week and a half I've basically finished the current flirt and I'm now just doing the two special versions for characters with high/low stats.

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Guest Noctalys

*Sighs dejectedly and administers duct tape *tm to her throbbing skull (Because, as we all know, duct tape is a girl's best friend! Well, a girl's best friend if said girl cannot repair something so simple as a busted ruler without somehow making it shatter into an infinite number of tiny wooden shards. heh.)


...I can wait....I *can* wait........ Anyway, the fact that you are taking a long time shows that you are putting genuine effort into this mod and that when it is released, even in beta format, it will be quite grand. If that's the case, i'm not complaining! :D

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Well, it could also mean that I'm a very slow writer. But you needn't have too much more patence.. I think we're well past the half-way mark now.


I'm now just doing the two special versions for characters with high/low stats.


That sounds interesting :D Wow, Rob, you are really thorough.


Thanks. But you know, there are certain things a lady with 6 Dex just can't do... :D

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No worries! At least you haven't made a complete ass of yourself yet. I tend to do that at least 3 times a day. 5 times, if i'm feeling especially clumsy and/or tactless. Luverly. It's all part of my endearing charm, I say! Endearing charm!!!!! *rocks back and forth in the fetal position and hopes they fall for it*


Oh, and um....yay BigRob. There. Now i'm on topic.

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I would never do that.I usually stop before I do anything to silly but you know sometimes you just cant help it... :D




I want to play tag your it with Aklon...Half way is alot better than just started, I am so excited

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