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Thanks everyone. :)


Work's progressing, a little slower than I'd like, but I've got a few banters done and a few more ideas floating about. I'll post something in the progress thread with a summary in a couple of days when I get some more finshed.

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Since you asked so nicely, see the progress and sample banter threads. ;)


y thank you!


hope you'll get plenty of time to work on this mod, it really sounds interesting all the more now ;)



IIRC he is hoping for a summer release. Correction - WE are hoping for a summer release! :rolleyes: Aklon is going to be pounced the nanosecond he is available methinks. :party:

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I'm glad you're both looking forward to it, I'll try and make sure not to disappoint. :rolleyes:



But that should be hopefully a summer release, as in hopefully a southern hemisphere summer release... meaning a winter release for all you Northerners. Yeah, still a little while to go yet, unfortunately.


*Grumbles about reversed seasons*

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Thanks for the words of encouragement all, I'll try to make aure that what you see at the end is something quality.


the last couple of days have been pretty busy overall, but the upcoming week looks clear, with luck there may be a fortnightly update instead of a monthly one next time.

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In my experience Happy dance + Headcold = Passing out, so that's probably for the best. Good luck shaking that cold KIrving, I'll try to make sure next time you check in there'll be something else to happy dance for. :suspect:

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+does the obligatory 'Are we there yet' post+


To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere not until sometime this winter, I'm afraid. That could mean any time from Dec. 22 thru March 22nd. (If I have the exact dates correct!)

Somewhere up top in this forum he says...(sigh)...winter. But I've no doubt that the quality will be worth it.


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Yep, Minarvia is right, I'm hoping for an initial release near the end of the year. That date will firm up as the writing progresees further and I find out how much coing and testing this thing will need. A little while to go yet, but hopefully I can use the word "soon" soon. :)

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