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Ok, after a vast gap, I've finally finished another dialogue. It's a pretty big one, describing the various people Aklon's met and befreinded in his travels, so I haven't spent all this time swanning about doing nothing. :D The next couple of dialogues are short, so they should be done much more quickly.

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What wonders a weekend trapped in one's home with no power does for one's writing speed. :D:D


Two more down (for a total of 16 PC initiated conversations).

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Thanks icelus (says BigRob ten days later... :D ), progress is always being made, just not always at the same pace.


On that note, I've finished another dialogue, making 17 total PC initiated dialogues. Now, I'm moving onto the romance specific PC inits. There will probably be slightly more of these (20ish), but some of them are going to be very short. There will also be the "story" PC init, which is available to all players, but draws on things said to Aklon during the romance as well as in other PC inits, so I'm doing it last.


After that, it's flirts, quests, banters, cleanup and coding.

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OK, just a quick update. Two more interactions down and about half-way through a third.



And all I can say is: I'm so glad I haven't been doing the writing on computer. So many corrupted files.... so much re-installing..... :D

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OK, another little update. Two more interactions done. With twenty now complete (excepting one that needs to be re-written) we're half way there.... ish. :D

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Ba dum, *ching* Hehehe, thanks muchly Dev, I won't disembowel you. This time. :D



And so we've got a little progress in this post: I'm about half way through the current dialogue. :D

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Ok, the latest dialogue is finished. What was meant to be a dialogue of snippets too small to rate their own entries turned into a hulking conversation (That's not a conversation about shipwrecks).




So I've been writing all this time, really! :rant:

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