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I actually thing my last post still doesn't sound exactly right. I'm having a hard time finding the right wording for what I'm after, but I think simple maturity of character is as close to describing it as I'll actually get.


I mean, by the standards I was expressing above, someone would possibly assume that I hate characters like Minsc and Tiax because of their behavior, when they are actually two of my favorite characters.


I'm giving myself a headache. I'll just shut up now.

I think we all get the gist of what you're saying! While you like the characters of Minsc and Tiax (and seriously who doesn't), who are anything but mature, you certainly would never want to romance them! It makes sense that the person the PC would choose to romance would be mature; they are in an adult situation and carry with them more than a little baggage, and their beau would have to be able to help them cope.


From what I have seen so far with this mod, I believe Aklon will do just that.

First off, he's a little older, late thirties i think?, and that in itself adds to his maturity. And then there is the fact that he is enslaved when you find him, which most certainly hardens a person and takes away any remaining innocence (which is reminiscent of when PC and Imoen are tortured). Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say in an extremely verbose way is that it just makes sense that Aklon would be a more mature character given his background. Now, whether that extends into anything that deserves a "mature rating" is up to BigRob, and I guess all his loyal followers as well. ;)

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I'm late to the party too, but this mod looks great so far.


I'm not sure if you've answered this elsewhere, what is the average content rating of Aklon? I've become spoiled by some of Domi's work (Coran Romance, IWD2 NPC Project) and have a difficult time playing through the near bleach-clean PG-13 Bioware romances anymore because they seem so dull.


Hoping for something geared toward us older players, but I'll still have to try Aklon out even if he is kid friendly. ;)


Reading over the topic so far, I think Aklon will be in the area you're looking for, for reasons as summarised by irishwhiskey. Aklon was enslaved and he does have some issues, but they're things the PC can deal with, not must. For the most part, he deals with these issues entirely on his own, and generally out of sight of the player (unless they want to pry). He's got his own opinions and while he is quieter than Jaheira, he will speak his mind if he feels it necessary. I am hopeful that he will be an interesting character to have along, both for romancers and friends only PCs.


There is also some more "mature", less PG-13, content in the romance itself. ;)




If a rawr from someone who mainly (who am I kidding, I am queen of lurkdom) lurks would be of encouragement then...RAWR!


This mod looks very good and I am impressed with all of the work you have put into this. Thank you!


Thank you for the kind words, the "rawr" and the delurking to do it. ;)

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Tsujatha wasn't written by Domi methinks...

heh personally I always think that BG romances are teen, anything that mentions sex is something around 18 and explicit is Mature.

not that it concerns me >_> I'm so old T_T lol. being 20 makes one so ..



how's the progress going btw?

and when did I miss the party YET AGAIN?

oh, Tymora does not smile on me

*goes to worship Beshaba*

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A mini progress report- I still haven't got Anomen's conflicts finished up (sorry all, work has been pretty savage this last couple of weeks), but am currently working on the last of CN Anomen's interactions. I'll then be moving onto LG Anomen and trying to finish up on him as soon as I can. More as it happens.

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Tsujatha wasn't written by Domi methinks...


Tsujatha was written and produced by Team Sillara. I have no relation to Tsujatha mod at all :)

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Another quickie while I'm here: CN Anomen is done and I've completed the first talk for LG Anomen. I've spent the last week or so planning out exactly how the friendship between the old rivals will develop (or not) and where the player can input into that. I hope to get started on the actual talks today or tomorrow.

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*Starts chanting* Aklon! Aklon! Aklon!


Eeeek. Can't waitttttt... meehhh. I don't want to wait. I DEMAND THIS MOD TO BE DONE NOW. OR I SHALL TORTURE YOU WITH MY TICKLE RAYS OF DOOM!


Ignore my outburst. *Squeak* Anywayz. Yey! I love Aklon and how he's turning out to be. ??? Really really can't wait, and I seriously hope he gets done soon. ^___^; Woo. Er so yeah, wondering who I am? Hmmmm... Just a great fan of him. Thankyoo to those who help with Aklon and stuff. :B Can't wait, glad he's being made since I was quite disappointed with less romance choices in the unmodded BG2. Hah. Just 1? Pleeeasee. xD

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Me too. I check here so many times a day it isn't funny! But then I guess a lot of us do.

yes. that is true. very true. GO AKLON! (oh, and BigRob's great too. ??? )

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