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Thank you everyone for the encouragement and the votes of confidence, even the one at the point of a tickle doom ray. ??? I've had a bit of a hiccup on writing in the last few days, but I'm now up to the stage of Aklon and Anomen starting their friendship (or at least not-trying-to-pickaxe-one-another-into-the-ground) talks, and there's only 4 more to go until I get that wrapped up. I'm going to try and get as much done this weekend as possible, and hopefully I'll get started on the next NPC within a week or so.



And in case no one did it already, Welcome to G3 Moogle.

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This may be a bad/dangerous/pounce-and-growl question to ask, so I'll phrase this carefully and positively:


Which NPCs have you written dialogs for?


Aerie and Anomen are done, right? This could cause much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth, but as I am an infinitely curious person (and I'm sure other people are, too) maybe it should be asked.


Or i can delete this post before BigRob gets attacked.... ???

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I think Aerie and Anomen are the NPC's that will take most time, others won't require that much dialog - I mean those will be just a few dialogs, probably without PC interjections (so less work ... right?)

anyway I can't wait for iiiiiit~ Aklon would be a sweet present for new yers eve... *dreamland*

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Yay on the progress! Anomen and Aklon's relationship will be interesting, I think.

Okay, no one's to take BigRob out and get him wasted Friday night so he doesn't recover until Monday morning. ???

that might be kind of difficult, from the other side of the world, but i'll fight the impulse just in case. :p

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Ahr dunnor mush 'bout n, stuff n tings.... ??? *hic*







But seriously, Aerie is done and Anomen is nearly done (4 talks to go as I mentioned above). The other NPCs will go much quicker, as there aren't any love/hate talks to write for them, just the banters. Jaheira will have some additional material for a friendship as will Haer'Dalis for his romance conflict with Aerie.


After that, I just have the quests and interjects to go, plus editing for some of the earlier work, then coding can begin. I know I say this an awful lot, but I'll try and keep things moving forward as quick as possible, just put the leashes away. :p

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I think that you already have the perfect tagline for Aklon for when he does come out:

"Aklon: G3's most anticipated romance"

or how about

"Aklon: Get him quick before he's pulled apart by screaming fans" ;);)

Keep up the good work!

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Or how about "Aklon, will you love him or leash him?"

Sorry couldn't resist!



omg i love it lol.

i think the biggest problem with this mod will be...who's going to have the heart to enslave him!! i know i would just feel horrible. i always have such a problem when playing games when you choose good/evil, like kotor for example, because I just feel bad playing evil....anyway! keep it up BigRob!!! ;)

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I've been lurking for too long and finally decided to register..


I would have to agree with IrishWhiskey I would not have the heart to enslave him, looking forward to having him in my group. But will have to wait patiently as with all mods it seems. :)


Keep up the good work BigRob! :)

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