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Thanks for the vote (and the Rawr!) of confidence. :)



I've not posted any progress in a while, mostly because work is being a real pain in the unmetionables right about now. I have been writing, but it's a long talk, with a lot of PC input, so it's still not done. Hopefully the work situation will ease up a bit next week and I'll be able to write a bit more freely. I do hope to have the current talk near completion by then anyway.



And as to enslaving Aklon, that's what an evil run through the game is for, right?



And may I say, Welcome to G3, Guinevere. Thanks for choosing Aklon to make you register.

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Hmm, it's been two months since the last post, which might explain the request for news.



And obviously I've not been writing as fast as I thought. The good news though, is that Anomen's Conflict and resolution talks are half completed, with 10 talks written. I'm hoping to get a couple done over the weekend, and finish them off before the end of this month.



As always, more as it happens and thanks for your patience everyone.



So, ummmm....what's up?

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Sorry for the move Patty, I'm keeping the Progress reporting thread just my posts to help people find things.




But in answer to that question, I'm currently writing still more of Anomen's conflict (the 21st talk, so I've done a fair few in the intervening time) and this particular talk is going rather slowly due to a high level of player involvement in it. I'm hoping (but always say that) to get it done in the next week or so and quickly move to finish Anomen's conflict.

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I wonder: Anomen Romance has very roughly twenty lovetalks in SoA.


Now, Anomen-Aklon conflict is... even more than that? I wonder if it's right for my PC to feel a little abandoned: Ano could use this time to find her more crimson rhodelias, or tell her more of his childhood, but not to bicker with someone else. Sigh. Or maybe there's something between Aklon and Anomen they're not telling us about?*


* {Like, sneaking away to the nearest pub for a few mugs of beer. But I ain't saying anything.}

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Maybe if you pick the right ending to the conflict. :)




Don't worry though, PCs won't be abandoned by the pre-game slap and tickle. The Aklon-Anomen conflict has 16 talks prior to commitment, not all of which will necessarily fire. I'm hoping to engineer the talks to pop up randomly, so that there'll be a slightly different experience each time.


There'll also be between three and five post commitment talks, depending on Anomen's alignment. The Bhaalspawn is involved in several of those, which is why it's taking so long to write. :)

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Real Life has unfortunately been a bit psychotic lately and not leaving me much time to write, but I have been making a little progress. I'm nearly finished the current talk I'm on, just filling in the remaining class specific methods of trying to get Aklon and Anomen to be a bit more chummy.


The remaining Aklon/Anomen talks don't feature the PC as a participant, so they'll be quicker. Then we move on to Edwin's banters.



I'll try to keep everyone a bit more informed (and, more importantly, make more progress while I'm at it). :)

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