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Guest Guest

I do hate to be a pain, but I was just wondering an approximate percentage of Aklon's being done? I'm sick of Anomen strutting around like he owns the place... thinks he's all that just cause he's the only guy who can romance a girl... phht...

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Hmmm, percentages. I'd say 65-70% done now. But I said something like 60% three books ago, so I could be off. ;)


I've got something like 10-15 more PC init dialogues to go, before PC flirts, banters, interjects, NPC romances and quests.

Most of the remaining PC initiated dialogues are short or modifications of previous dialogues, so they should be swift to write. I'll keep updating things as I go.


And speaking of updates, another dialogue down. ;)

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Guest Alaya

Well, keep up the good work, and know that we'll all be on the sidelines, pushing you onward yet trying not to seem TOO annoying. ;) But seriously, nice job on everything, it's looking really really nice, I look forward to the finished product. ;)

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Guest Guest

Yeah, I don't mean to be a pain at all, but like I said... I just want to play a female character without that romance novel reject in my party ;)


Keep up the good work and take your time so it's quality when it's done!

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Another dialogue down this weekend.


Now looking at my little list, I've got eight modifications of previous talks (should be pretty quick to do), six responses to incidents in the Lovetalks (mostly quick) and three unique forcetalks left to go. One of those unique forcetalks is "Give us a story Aklon", which isn't very complex, but I want to shove in some good tales, so I may leave that one until later on, so I can think some up. ;)

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Having rocked on for almost a month now, I've done another one. Part of this time was taken transcribing several original dialogues from paper to computer (Yes, I am crazy enough to write an NPC on paper).


Also, the dialogue about Aklon's family was only supposed to be a minor rewrite, but it turned into a whole new dialogue. OK, on I go!



*takes a flying leap into the next pile of text*

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