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Gah, it's been ages since I replied here, and I keep meaning to, but somehow something always seems to come up to make it slip my mind.


There's been a bit more progress and I'm now into planning out Jaheira's banters and have started some work on one or two. I've unfortunately been a bit busy at work, since this is the busiest time of the year for me, and coupled with my looking for a new place to live, time has been somewhat contrained. I'll keep plugging away though, and I hope to get a fair bit of writing done this weekend.



Also, I haven't forgotten the request for a more serious list of what's been done and what's left to go, I'll update the main news thread with that as soon as I can, I'll try and take a little time out later on this week for it.

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Progress seeing I? :p


Awesome! Thanks for listing things too, now I know that there's truly an awful lot of things done and that sure gives hope! I guess all I can do now is wish you best of luck and let you know that I'm still out there, waiting and drooling at the thought of this mod being released (sooner or later).


Have a nice day and may the work be light and all that :down:

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Well, it's not exactly a huge update, and certainly not worth dancing over, but I have finished up another Aklon/Jaheira talk. Hopefully I'll get a chance to crack on tonight and get another one done, or mostly done.

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Any progress is good progress! And that's worth, at the very least, some jazz hands. Keep up the good work ^_^


(And, since I'm new, I also wanted to take the time to say huzzah on the progress so far. Aklon looks like an excellent NPC!)

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Guest dolfium

Just wanted to drop in and show my support for this mod. It sounds very interesting and intriguing! I am looking forward to seeing it finished ??? Keep up the good work!

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