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Guest Bloghdaw

Not a long time follower (I wasn't old enough to enjoy BG when it came out, and was to naive to realize there were mods when i finally got the chance), but I've gotten back into the game and this looks amazing. I can't do much in the way of help (I don't even understand the basics of modding with the Infinity engine), but this post contains three tons of support that i hope is useful

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No, not at all. I actually managed to get some more writing done this week, though I do need to sit down and do a lot more if I want to get at least SoA finished this year, as I hope to. That's cold comfort for all you you still waiting so patiently, I'm afraid. With work winding back to something more reasonable now, I hope to have more to show for all of you soon.

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At a conservative guess, I've got 70% of SoA done and 5-10% of ToB done. Some of the material I have left for SoA should write a bit faster because I have the plots already worked out in my head, but a big chunk of what's eft for SoA is banters, which do come out more slowly while I play around with the ideas and make something coherent come out the other end.

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Welcome aboard, Nightwoe, hopefully you and everyone else won't have too long to wait.



Molly, I'll not be releasing an official Beta, since once I get it to that stage, I'll be trying to get testing done to do the full release as soon as possible. I'm a bit leery of releasing something to people when I haven't got most potential gamebreaking bugs sorted out first and disappointing them.

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Hey, I've been around for years, and I still haven't given up on Aklon, so I'm willing to wait a little longer (especially if it means less potential gamebreaking bugs).

Hang in there, BigRob, we're all rooting for ya! (and Aklon, of course!) :cool:

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Thanks very much Guest, I'll do my best to get AKlon out in some kind of reasonable timeframe!



In temrs of release style, Huzzhfortimelines, I was hoping to do a combined release for SoA and ToB, though given the time taken to get this far, a release of SoA first may be in order, then the paired version.

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