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I've had a chance to come along a little bit, moving onto a new Aklon-Jaheira talk and getting closer to finishing up with them so I can start work on the Aklon-Keldorn interactions, which should be a bit faster to do, as I have those reasonably well mapped out already.

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Always checking back here every few months! Still have BG installed on my PC ready to jump on this mod the moment it's released, too. It may be a bit of a wait but I for one am not really bothered by that - I know Aklon will be worth it when we finally get our grubby mitts on him. :D


Thanks for your hard work, Rob! :)

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Thanks very much for the encouragement and for sticking with me so long Eriberri. I wish I could promise you him soon, but I am still making progress. I' nearly to the end of Jaheira's talks and I'll be getting on with the other NPCs as fast as I can. Jaheira's got a fair bit to say, so the others should go faster.

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This is me, sticking with you. :D A gentle prod, cleverly disguised as support and encouragement. But WOW, 21 banters with Jaheira?! Most mods supply maybe 3, and are really proud if they managed 5. Talk about setting yourself high goals. I for one would have been happy with 5, if that means we get an alpha release coded soon. *cough nudge cough*

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Thanks for sticking with me, MissBehave, I hope the final product won't be disappointing.


Jaheira is admittedly a special case, she has a long friendship arc going on with Aklon, most of the other NPCs will be in the 3-5 range for banters, so I'm not completely insane. :D


On that score I've made a fair bit of progress, thanks to a business trip where I spent two days with nothing else to do, so I should be finishing up with Jaheira shortly and getting on with the remaining NPCs much more quickly.

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Well, I guess that depends on how comfortable you are watching the two of them bantering along. Or how much you care about arguments between a druid and an alchemist. :)



I'll also aim to make those progress updates a bit faster in future, so the "yay"s aren't months apart....

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For what it's worth, I'm still waiting patiently, Rob. :) You just keep what you're doing, and do what you can, I'm sure there'll still be a throng of us when Aklon comes out. :D

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Hi Kai and Cal,


Thanks for the votes of confidence and offer of assistance, I appreciate them. :) If I do need any help, I'll be sure to ask.


Life business is keeping me from getting as much progress done as I'd like, but a recent trip provided me with a lack of distractions long enough to make a start on ideas and basic writing for some Jan banters, so once I've properly completed the last of Jaheira's talks (made complicated by the player being able to get involved), I'll be on to getting our favorite mildly unhinged gnome chatting away with Aklon. Things should hopefully progress more rapidly after that, since none of the remaining NPCs have as large a load of banters and talks as the ones I've already done.

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