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I am checking this topic for years now, and finally decided to make an account to stop just lurking from the shadows.

Really glad it's still alive. Every little progress always makes me happy.

Looking forward to that, and still as excited for that as I was at the very beginning.

So keep up the good work, take all the time you need and it will be just awesome. I am sure. :3

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It's a ten-year anniversary, so I'm thinking it's time for champaigne at the very least.

I think we'll see Aklon, absolutely - maybe somewhere around 2060. (dreamily) We'll be showing him to our grandchildren and playing him on the museum computer. May lead to another Baldur's Gate renaissance, actually.

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Thanks Gladire and Kulyok for jumping in to say hello even after all this time. Yes, I'm still here and still working away, ten years and all... Not that I'm really celebrating that particular bit of slowness on my part. *coughs* I'll try to get Aklon done before the release of Baldur's Gate Super-Super-Enhanced Edition on GoodButVeryOldGames.com for the Brain-Vat version of Windows.

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That's the beautiful thing about Baldur's Gate: even after all these years people are still making mods for it, and still looking for and playing mods. However long it takes you, Rob, I'm sure we'll still be patiently waiting. ;)


Hope you have a good New Years 2014; perhaps this year will be Aklon's fan's lucky one? :D

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Thanks Eriberri, I'm very grateful that you and others like Glandire and Kulyok are still hanging around. It's a good thing Baldur's Gate does have this lifetime or I'd never get Aklon done. But I like to finish what I start, so I'll do my best to keep that wait as short as possible. Maybe 2014 will be the year. Well, I hope so.

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Has it really been that long since this mod was started?! God, I feel old now xD Just popping by to say I've been following this mod for years, and look forward to seeing its completion eventually. Don't care how long it takes =D I'm just delighted to find it still active and not abandoned! I do yearly run through of BG saga, so I might get lucky one of these years and have a lovely monk tagging along =3

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Thanks for the encouragement Baka-no-Neko and MissBehave, sadly it has been this long since I started, and I really must get a move on if anyone is to see Aklon before BGII is a forgotten relic. I do appreciate everyone still hanging around after all this time, I may not have abandoned Aklon, but I'm not exactly setting a blistering pace on activity either and my apologies for that.


I will try to make sure you do get a chance to take Aklon along for a BGII run one of these days, and hopefully not that far distant either.

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Good to hear you're still at it. I just reformatted my computer and installed BG 1 & 2; So, I wanted to check in and see if this was done as I was re-installing all of my favorite mods. I'll keep checking in and hopefully add this one to my collection one of these days. :)

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Thank you for the continued interest after all this time. Sadly, I'm not done for this reinstall, but hopefully it won't be too long until I've got something for people to try out. :)

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