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Thanks for keeping an eye on the project Miss Behave, I'm rather hoping for this year as well, and I'll try to keep the progress rolling forward at some kind of decent pace. Still mashing around a few ideas for Mazzy's talks, but I'm hoping to have her finished and get going on Minsc in February sometime. Then it's Valygar, Viconia and Yoshimo and on into slave talks, quests, finishing touches, coding and SoA should be basically done.

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Thanks for stopping by Freyka, and for waiting for so very long. I'm getting there, but far less quickly than I would like. As it happens I've just finished off Minsc's banters and I've now moved on to Nalia's, so there is progress. Just 4 NPCs now and then I'll move onto friendship, quests and interjections (but I think that last one I'll be doing piecemeal as I do the coding). Hopefully it won't be too much longer now. I know I've been saying that for some years, of course, but I'll keep pushing.

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Ha! Yes, I am the unchanging point of balance for the community, Aklon is still in development. :D


Champagne time is probably when I start coding to be honest, I'll probably find that those quests and interjects won't be as fast to write as I thought.

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Thanks MissBehave, I'm glad there are still a few people out there waiting on Aklon (and who care enough to retrieve passwords, I've refrained from commenting on things for less :D ). Of course, I'm also slightly embarrassed that I'm taking so long to get there, but I'm still going at it!

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Thanks for hanging on so long xburcus! A Happy Holidays to you too!


When I commence with the coding, I will try to make sure that Aklon works for both the original and Enhanced Editons. Hopefully that might involve just one installer, but maybe not, I've not looked too deeply into how the Enhanced Edition alters the ability to mod, or how modding is conducted.


At least I won't have to unlearn any bad habits.

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Sorry MissBehave, not much new to report, Nalia's writing continues, though a heavy couple of weeks at work has slowed me down somewhat. And admittedly mucking around a lot on Darkest Dungeon.


I am on her last banter now though, so I'll try to finish that up in the next few days and then on to Valygar!

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Hi MissBehave, I see you there. :D


I have actually come a ways on since the last little update. Nalia is all done, and I have Valygar's banters all done bar the last one, which I'm working on now. I'm hoping to get him finished up in the next couple of weeks, and then move on to Viconia and Yoshimo, which will complete banters. After that, I have to move on to Quests and Interjections, though hopefully I'll take care of those a bit faster than the banters, since they're sharper and more to the point.


I'm getting there, if slowly.

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