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Well, I had a bit of a burst of writing during a recent holiday, but I need to get the notes and writing off paper and into computer form, which I'll try and do in the next few days. I'm actually just about finished up with banters, which leaves quests, interjections, the friendship path, the slave path and cleanup to go. After that, coding and other things still need to be completed. Still a few things, but I'm hoping most of the rest will go fairly quickly as they're more directed and less meandering than the banters are.


Sorry about the quiet lately (well as much as usual really) I'll get a proper progress report up soon, I've been a bit distracted getting some miniatures painted up for a Warhammer 40K tournament. :D

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Hi MissBehave, welcome back. :) Sadly I won't have Aklon for you as a Christmas gift, but we're getting there, I'm wrapping up Viconia's banters now and I'll be going on Yoshimo soon, then it's on to quests, cleanup and coding, things that should go quicker than the banter writing.

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And a Happy New Year to you too Glandire!


The Christmas sneak peeks are a tradition, but it's kind of worrying I've been writing so slowly that it's been able to become one. *coughs uncomfortably* Hopefully I can get my backside in gear and have 2016's be the last time it's needed.

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Hi MissBehave!


Oops, it has been a while since I gave any updates hasn't it? to let you all know how it's coming, I'm finishing up with Yoshimo's banters at the moment, which I'm hoping to get wrapped up before the end of June. Once that's done, I'll be into quests, fleshing out the friendship pathway, a few tweaks to the romance talks, the slave path, and then I'm done. Easier to say than do, I know....


Thanks to you and everyone else still hanging around after all this time, I really hope you'll all get to play Aklon sooner rather than later.

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Hi Ankhesenpaaten!


Thanks for your continuing patience, I know I've been at this for an embarrassingly long time now. :unsure: I am still getting on with things though and I'm nearly finished up with Yoshimo's banters, which means I'll soon be moving on to quests, some romance changes.fixes and then onto the friend and slavery paths.


As to whether you love him or leash him, I'm hoping there'll be enough content to happily do things either way, one after the other. Not that leashing will necessarily preclude some loving, but it will just be a little... complicated.

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Sending some positive vibes. Glad to see you're still at it, even after many years.

Also glad to see some happy excited fans that stick around for so long.

As a fellow modder with a large mod in production that will take a while to complete, seeing such positivity makes me smile.

Happy to see not everyone gets jaded, bitter, or negative.

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Thanks for the well wishes, Aion!


I'm sure the apologies for long writing times are themselves getting long in the tooth, but I am still going and I do intend to finally finish Aklon as soon as I can. We are getting closer, but there's still a bit of a ways to go. I'm at least nearly done with the banters now, I'm at Yoshimo and I'll be moving onto quests next, which should go a bit faster thanks to the plots already being down, rather than me working on rather skeletal ideas as in the banters.

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