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Awesome indeed. :D Thanks to you Glandire, and everyone else for keeping up with Aklon and checking in to see how I'm doing. :)


In terms of recent progress, I've finished up the third of the Yoshimo banters, which was rather extensive and involves the PC as well, and I'm hoping to finish up the last two in the next few weeks. At that point, I'll have finished the banters and I'll move onto quests.

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Hey Glandire, thanks for coming along for a little visit, I'm still here and actually working, though the last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for various reasons.


I'm done with Yoshimo's banters, which means that banters are now done, and I'm moving on to the quests, so my first task is filling in my concepts a bit more with a complete list of steps and then filling in the appropriate dialogues. Hopefully more news sooner rather than later. :)

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Thanks Jastey! I think the thing with banters is they kind of don't have the same kind of plot to force them along as quest or other dialogues have, so getting them to run in an interesting way and conclude satisfactorily is kind of tricky.

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Sadly, progress hasn't shifted much from before, I've had a couple of busy weeks and though I've managed to get some additional meat on the synopses of the quests, I've not made progress to full plotting or writing yet. I shall hopefully rectify that shortly.

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Given how romance dialogues, flrts and baters took over 15 years it is likely that quests, coding and (often the hardest part) finishing touches will last 10-20 years.


Burnout, RL, and simple technical problems combined with it being a solo work often make making mods extremely difficult especially after college when one gets a job and a family and there is no longer so much free time as before.


I wish BigRob good luck on this task but I noticed that most mods that are in the making for more than 5 years end up around 90% of the time in Limbo or the person in charge writes a letter to the community to apologize after realizing it will likely be impossible to finish at that rate.


I hope I did not sound like a jerkass nor it was my intention to sound so cynical but I though it would be wise to tamper the excessive optimism of those who expect the mod to be finished soon and plan to keep asking about it.


Its done when/if its done.

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It's not like fangirls posting a hundret "Is it done" in one row, so I don't think we are scaring BigRob away. I think that, given the author's intent and motivation, some proclamaitions of interest from time to time is a good thing. Because modding into a void can be very frustrating.


In this sense: Go, Aklon, go!


(Was I the only one who read MissBehave's "Gimme gimme!" into Gimme gimme gimme an Aklon after midnight"? :)

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Hahaha to be honest the post motivated me to show some support to BigRob after lurking for quite a long time. So I guess I have to thank Abdal for that!

And I hope my excessive optimism will be enough to make up for my lack of appreciation before. :D


So yeah, here I go: Thanks for your hard work BigRob! I'm eager to roam the Realms with Aklon.

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Heheh, thank you very much for the votes of encouragement Jastey, Glandire and Matiramisu, I do appreciate them, and it's nice to know there are still people out there waiting who would like to play Aklon when he comes out. :)



Abdal does have a point though, and most mods that go on this long don't get finished. I hope to be one of the few to break that rule and I can't but take the blame for the time involved. I started writing Aklon at a point in my life when I had a lot more free time and I really should have gone harder with the writing then. Nowadays it's far too easy to lose a day's writing to coming home and just not having the time after doing what I need to do, so such writing as there is happens in fits and starts. On the other hand, I have learned a lot over the years while writing Aklon and I think he'll be far more enjoyable as a result of the character concept maturing.


I will push on, however and do my best to ensure that Aklon does get a final release and hopefully in a form that is complete and that people will have fun with.

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