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Whoops, sorry for the delay getting back on this. I've been quite badly wrapped up in work for the last few weeks, but I am making progress on the quests, and I'm in the midst of writing the questline to free Aklon, for those of you who would prefer to leave the Copper Coronet in the hands of Lehtinan, at least for a little while...


I'm having to do some in game testing to make sure I'm covering all the possible things that might happen, and once my work commitments settle down (which they should be about now), I hope to get some more solid progress made soon.

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I'm really looking forward to Aklon. I wanted another Romance option for my female Skald bard that I play the most. I've romanced Tsujatha, working on Sarah, Kelsey, wont ever use Anomen (just really don't like his character).

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Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement Psionica. :) I'm currently working on getting the quests sorted out for Aklon, including the initial recruitment of Aklon. Sadly I'm not having as much time as I'd like to do that at the moment, and integrating the initial meeting of Aklon into the Copper Coronet is a little more complex than I thought with all the possible things you can do there, but I will try to push on with progress as I can and hopefully be done with this phase relatively quickly.

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Ah, hello MissBehave and Glandire, thanks for sticking with things so long and for the well-wishes. :)


It turns out I've been away for a bit because my bookmark for the forums was out of date and I thought G3 had been down since before Christmas, it was only a bit of investigation that showed me the forums were still up and active.


As a little update I've still been making some progress on Aklon, and I'm now doing quests, starting with the quest to release Aklon via purchasing him from Lehtinan (if you're so inclined). I've mostly finished the main dialogue with Lehtinan to set it up, which ended up being a bit more complex than I'd thought, and I should be getting on to the rest of the process shortly.

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It's pretty amazing that after 15 years, this mod is still in the works. If it ever gets released, you might get a Guinness entry for it. Respect for sticking it out over all those highs and lows.

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Thanks for the positive wishes Isewein, though I've been working on Aklon a long time, I hope I'll be able to get him finished in the not too distant future, and while 15 years is a lot of time to be worth the wait, hopefully he'll be worth playing anyway. :)

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Any new updates @BigRob ? ☺️  Also, can you tell us if the "evil version" of the mod (keeping Aklon enslaved) may last throughout the game to the end of ToB, or does it mean that he will be lost as a party member eventually? 

Thank you for still working on this, it sounds like a fantastic mod! 

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Guest corialote

Just wanted to add that I am one of the people lurking here for the last 10 years or so, you've managed to make me come back for progress updates thanks to the quality of the writing samples and the general appeal of the mod - cannot wait to play it!! :)

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Hi Fina and Corialote, apologies for the delay in responding, life is a little bit getting-in-the-way at the moment.


Thank you both for the votes of confidence, despite the insanely long time I've been at this, it really is appreciated. :)


As to updates, I've made much less progress than I'd like, but I'm trying to slot in as much regular time as I can for writing at the moment. I'm working on quests now, doing the part where a PC can choose to buy Aklon's freedom (or just buy him), and to reduce Lehtinan's rather steep asking fee, they can do a little job for him.


As far as keeping Aklon enslaved into ToB, I haven't finalised that aspect of the path yet, but at the moment I'm leaning towards making it possible. Tricky, but possible.

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Thank you very much for the update BigRob!  I'm so keen on experiencing  different versions of Aklon in the future 🤗

So happy to hear that you may extend the slavery-path to the very end! Can't wait to see what you will do with it in that case; be it a Stockholm-syndrome  twist, a frenemies path or  mutual loathing perhaps... (Not trying to be suggestive or putting pressure though! Just fangirling a little hehe...).  

Good luck with the rest of the writing! Looking forward to the coming updates 😀

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Guest Guest Cassie

Just stopping in to say I'm excited for this mod, obviously it's a ton of work and has taken longer than initially anticipated, but it's really exciting to pop back in and see it's not abandoned. Thanks!

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Guest Guest Nimloth of Thay

Hello BigRob

I've been keeping an eye on this mod for quite a while now, always lurking in the shadows, but finally I'm peeking my head in the forum to let you know that I'm very much looking forward to playing Aklon's romance. I'm so happy that it's still being worked on, because it sounds great! 🤩 Thank you for still working on it!

I hope everything's okay and I wish you the best of luck with the modding.


Nimloth of Thay

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