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Guest gofer

Hi, I'm "lurking" on  this forum for several years already and I'm reaaaaally happy that You didn't abandoned it :D  "You must gather your party before venturing forth"so yeah we're waiting for Aklon to gather up :D  Good luck with writing ^^

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Thanks Gofer, I do appreciate the well wishes, and your hanging around so long. :)

Aklon's still getting his boots on, but hopefully he won't be too much longer.

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Life happens. Sometimes it takes awhile for creative projects to come together, especially when you aren't making any money on them. Thank you for continuing to work on this awesome mod, I'm looking forward to getting to meet Aklon when he comes out!

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Thanks for the interest and encouragement, Psionica, Martin and Nyaore, and for sticking with this thing as long as it's been going. :)


Aklon has been in writing for... some time, it has to be said. Kind of disturbing that that includes the entirety of someone's life and base schooling. I think my use of the term "soon" on the original banner was some kind of crime against language. With that said, I am still making some progress, and I have Aklon's recruitment quest done now, and I should hopefully have the remaining quests wrapped up in the not too distant future.


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I believe that Akon will well be worth wait. The fact that you yourself, (BigRob), have not given up on Aklon, speaks to your character, both your characters 😉 I look forward to how his story unwinds . . . I can provide testimony to good things taking time . . . May moons ago I started writing a fanfic about Aklon. I was only able to go so far given I don’t yet know all his story, but it added and fueled to my anticipation. So steady on my friend, steady on! 📝 📇📃✒️ 🖍😊



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Thanks Celticrose and Jastey, I don't know if he will be entirely worth the... rather considerable wait, but I'll do my best so that when the stars align and the release date comes, he won't be a disappointment. And perhaps can fit within that fanfic. :D


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Whoa! I remember seeing this as a new project seventeen years ago. I thought my mod was dragging along at 7+ years. I don't know whether to be encouraged by the dedication to keeping this going no matter how slow or to be discouraged that I might do the same thing! Actually, it's neither for me. Hobbies are just that. Hope you're enjoying the process still.

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