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Thank you for the words of encouragement. And progress is a little slower than I'd like at the moment (I've only managed six flirts since my last update), but things are coming along. :undecided:


its always better than nothing


*makes you some cookies for motivation*


Puts the cookies up out of reach.


You can have them after the mod is completed.

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Mmm, cookies... hey!


*strains for cookies*


Awww. Can I have just one if I do a progress report?



I should start doing these more regularly.


I've been going pretty good recently (in bursts anyway) and I've done two flirts. One of those flirts is pretty big, consisting of 8 subflirts, some with secondary choices as well.


For my own notes (because I've started to forget where the last update was), I've just started the "Hug Aklon" flirt.

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Thanks for the compliments. :thumbsup:



I don't know exactly when I'll be done, so a solid release date is still a ways off, but I'd guess there's still a few months to go.


I'm currently about a third of they way through Aklon's last level of flirting, then after that we have quests, banters, interjects, editing and coding. Progress is being made as swiftly as I can do it. Interruptions from new Terry Pratchett books notwithstanding. :)




And, since it's been about a month since my last update, I've done seven flirts in the meantime and am currently part way through the last choice in the "Play with Aklon's hair" flirt.

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*sneaks in originally to steal BigRob's book and nag, but ends up just staring at Aklon's pic for a while...*


Siiiiiiiiiigh. :) *is seriously in need of a sighing smiley*


*tears herself away, finally...*


It's been over a week, PLEASE tell me you've made a little progress...or at least have a couple more flirt spoilers you're willing to release...because dear God that portrait is gorgeous (and made even moreso by the fact that I adore Jude Law!).

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Thanks, I'll pass on the portrait compliment to my artist. :)



This week's been very slow writing-wise, real life stuck the boot in and all my time vanished. But I did finish off the "Walk Close to Aklon" flirt.



And I can probably manage some flirting spoilers too.

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Very well, nagging accepted. :)



All up, not very much to report, unfortunately. I've had a mixed couple of weeks with a hell of a lot of work shoved in front of me, but I did get one small flirt finished, and just yesterday I completed the "Kiss Aklon's hand" option in the "Kiss Aklon" flirt.



Onward and Upwards. :)

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Things have been still pretty busy for me still this last couple of weeks, but I have got a little writing done. On the upside I've got all that extra work behind me and I should be getting back into things now.


I'm still somewhere in the "Kiss Aklon" flirt, which is giong to take me a little while to finish, since it's going to be one of the bigger ones. :)

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